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Short list of film- and comercial-jobs for Brian Bay-Smidt Rodrigues

Email: baysmidt@hotmail.com

Mobile: (+45) 26615152

Born:  54 years old

Living in Valby/Copenhagen/Denmark.


Year: 2015

Date: 18/3 og 19/3. Film: ”Historien om Danmark” by DR Historie og Tro. Role: King Chr.d.4.  Location: Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød. Instructor: Ole Retsbo.

Date: 14/8. Film: ”Historien om Danmark” by DR Historie og Tro. Recordings on horse at Gribskov and Værløse. Role: King Chr.d.4. Instructor: Ole Retsbo.

Date: 31/8. Film: ”Historien om Danmark” af DR Historie og Tro. The Revelation. Role: King Chr.d.4.  Location: National museum. Instruktør: Ole Retsbo.

Dato: 9/11. Film: ”Historien om Danmark” by DR Historie og Tro.                         Role: King Chr.d.4.  Location: Rosenborg Castle. Instructor: Ole Retsbo.


Year: 2016:

Date: 5/2.  Film:  Testfilming on green screen. Roles:  Minister in Danish parliament and also Jewish father. Location: DR, Gyngemose Parkvej 84, 2860 Søborg

Date:  18/3. Film: ”Historien om Danmark” by DR Historie og Tro. Location: Rosenborg Castle. Role: King Chr.d.4.  360-degree-filming together with Lars Mikkelsen and visitor.

Date: 5/4. Film:  ”Ramt”.  Role: Office-collegue and dancer/barguest together with actress Lotte Munk in a cinemafilm about a Sclerose-patient. Location: Office at AP-Pension and Australian bar. Instructor: Rasmus Doolengs.

Date: 11/4. Film: ”Arvingerne”. Producer: DR-Fiction. Guest at a funeral-ceremony as a friend of one of the main caracters. Location: Skanse-chapel in Hillerød.

Date: 14/4. Film: Introfilm for show ”Smid tøjet galla 2016”. Small events filmed at wedding (guest), demonstration against Barseback (hippie) and at EM 1992 football- (Danish fan). Location in studios and different places in Valby/Copenhagen. Producer: Nordisk Film.

Date: 3/5. Film: ”Robin”. Psykologisk thriller. Maincaracter: Rosalinde Mynster. Role: Policeman. Location:  Amager Hospital. Producer: PingPong.

Date: 27/5. Film: ”Eksperimentet ”. Psykologisk thriller. Short film. Final project for Filmschool-group. Role: Captain on a small boat. Location: in the waters around Copenhagen harbour to Middelgrundsfortet close to Flakfortet. Instructor: Mira Thu.

Date: 20/6. Film/Entertainment-program:  ”Stemmer det?”. Maincaracter Søren Malling Location: Danish-French School in Copenhagen. Role: Participant in small group on course for impotens. Producer: DR + Skylark.

Date: 24/6 2016. Film: ”Bedrag”. Mainactor Peter Mygind. Role: Journalist at speech of minister: Location: Studio in DR

Date: ? 2016. Film: “Grafitti”. Role: Safety Guard at Train station.

Date: ? 2016. Film:  “Livet, Døden og det der er værre”.  Role: Doctor in hospital.

Date: ? 2016. Film:  “Historien om Danmark”. Role King Chr.d.4. Location: Monestry of Roskilde and at Rosenborg Castle. Instructor: Ole Retsbo.

Date: 4/7. Film: “Chicky red grill”. Shortfilm supported by Zentropa. Role:  The guest Bjørn and friend of waiter in restaurant. Instructor: Sofie Siboni. Location: Restaurant in Copenhagen.

Date: 14/9 + 18/10. Film: “Gidseltagningen”. Crime-serie for Channel 5. Main actors: Sara Hjort/ Paprika Steen/Tommy Kenter. Role:Father of a hostage Jeppe in metro-terrorist-hostage-film.

Date:  20-23/9. Film: “Arvingerne”. Role: Good friend of main caracter Peter Gantzler. Location: Det Blå Market in Haslev.

Date: 23/9. Film: “Pissoir”. Shortfilm made by filmstudents at KUC. Role:  Halfdrunk bar-owner at a pissoir. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYMiW0CL700

Date: 12/10. Film: “Flashback”. Role:  Jazzmusician playing Ukulele. Main actor: Julie Rødbeck. Location: Studio in DR.

Date: 26/10. Film: “Store danske videnskabsfolk – Ebba Lund”. Role: Captain on fisherboat transporting jewish people to Sweden. Location: Dragør Havn. Producer: DR Historie og Tro.


Date:  24/11. ”Klosteret” (The Monestry). Location: Cisternen in Hillerød. Role: New member of Freemasons getting burned in ritual. Instructor: Patrick Lauridsen.

Date: ?  Film:  Comercial for a Swedish company. Producer: Danish film company. Role: Guest at big dinner table.


Year: 2017

Date: 11/1. Film: “Tillidsvideo for Socialdemokratiet”. Role: Man catching people leaning backwards standing on table. Producer: Circus Alphaville.

Date: 31/1. Part of audience on Flashback-serie for TV2. Actors: Lisbeth Lundquist, Peter Ålbæk og Rasmus Bjerg.

Date: 8/2. Film: ”Historien om Danmark” by DR Historie og Tro. Role: King Chr.d.4. Location: Frederiksborg Castle and Store Dyrehaven in horse carriage. Instructor:  Thomas Roger Hendrichsen.

Date: 12/2. Film: Musikvideo with the band “Alt-J”. Musicpiece: ”In Cold Blood”. Role: playing dead gangster. Location: Roskilde Gravel Pit. Producer: New Land.

Date: 22/5. Film: Tour de France-Gimmick for Facebook. Role: Playing Half-Streaker in goal-area. Location: Streetarea in Frederiksberg. Producer: TV2. Acting spea: Jørgen Leth, Rolf Sørensen and Dennis Ritter.

Date: 26/5. Film: ”Historien om Danmark” by DR Historie og Tro. Role: King Chr.d.4 dying and also on “lit de parade”. Location: DR Studio. Instructor:  Thomas Roger Hendrichsen.

Date 30/5. Film: “C4”. New film about King Chr.d.4. Role:  Lifeguard of the King. Instructor: Kasper Stabsløv. Main actor: Baard Owe. For cinema in autumn 2018.

Date: 31/5. Film: Comercial for Dansk Hørecenter. Role:  Husband talking about the sound of summer. Producer: Dansk Hørecenter. Shown on national tv, facebook, webpage and photos in magasines.

Date: 12/11. Film: Shortfilm. Photoshoot. Role: photographed for pictures on wall in film..  Location: Copenhagen Filmschool. Producer: Friis & Winther.

Date: 24/11. Film: “One Hand”. Shortfilm about a pokerplayer. Role: Playing – in person – the negative pessimistic side of the pokerplayers soul. Location: TV Glad. Producer: Danjal Arge.

Date: 27/11. Film:  “Herrens Veje”. Serie with the main actor Lars Mikkelsen as priest. Role:  Churchgoer for ceremony. Producer: DR.

Date: 20/12. Film: Comercial for ALK – which is a company producing allergy-medicin. Role as the only actor: 2 small filmings, where I play a lost person frustrated over limits when overprotected by other means than medicine to cure allergy.


Year: 2018

Date: 11/1. New comercial for Dansk Hørecenter. Role:  Visiting a audiocenter as husband with hearing problem. Producer: Dansk Hørecenter.

Date: 1/2. Film: “Fantastiske Forfattere”. Role:  Tove Ditlevsens first husband. Location: Studio in DR. Producer: DR Historie og Tro.

Date: 12/2. Film: “Den som dræber”. Serie for Viasat. Role:  Police-technician at crime-scene. Location: Værløse-Hareskoven.